Members from EEA Applying for permanent residency

Members from the EEA applying for permanent residency


A number of members from the EEA have applied for or are considering applying for permanent residency in the UK. The application form can be found here with guidance notes

As the guidance information states, there are many sections in the form that won’t apply to every individual,  so it is advisable to print the application form one-sided and only submit the sections that apply to you individually.

There are different grounds to apply for permanent residency. The easiest way to apply is on the grounds of having worked for the University for five years or more. HR will supply a letter, stating this fact to present as evidence.

One member who has completed everything commented;

 “I have found the process really quick, cheap and easy as an EU citizen.  It takes a bit of time to fill-in the form though, and to put together the required documents to post with the application form, but there are only a few.  I received my permanent residency card before Christmas.”