Solidarity Letter

To those in solidarity with the staff and students at the University of Lincoln:

I hope this message finds you well. As you may already be aware, the management of the University of Lincoln is proposing substantial jobs cuts, with 100+ jobs at risk of redundancy.

In meetings with all staff, the University of Lincoln Vice-Chancellor Professor Neal Juster has stated that having already saved over £20 million through voluntary severance, halting all hiring and other measures, the university is looking to further reduce staff costs which would equate to 100+ redundancies before the end of August. Apart from the devastating effect of so many staff losing their jobs, this will have a massive impact on workloads for remaining staff, as well as current and future students and the social and economic vitality of the region.

The University of Lincoln is one of the largest employers in the city, with over 2000 staff. In addition, these staff and over 15 thousand students support other local businesses. The impending redundancies are therefore in contradiction with the statement that civic mission is at the heart of everything the University does. Loss of staff will likely result in a reduction in the number of courses offered, reducing the breadth of education available to students, especially those who want to stay locally to study.

Please could you contact Prof. Juster directly (click here: with the following suggested message, or similar:


Dear Professor Juster,


I am deeply concerned by the recently announcement that the senior leadership of the University of Lincoln is planning to further reduce staff costs which would equate to 100+ redundancies by the end of August 2024.  This will have a massive impact on current staff and students, future students and the social and economic stability of the region.


Clearly, the context is challenging for UK HE right now, but moving towards so many redundancies during a cost-of-living crisis, and over a relatively short period of time, appears to be an extreme step for a University with a fantastic reputation for teaching and research and which was awarded Gold in the national Teaching Excellence Framework 2023 and the Queen’s Anniversary Prize 2023. These were due to the hard work and excellence of the current staff body at Lincoln, the face of which will be irreparably damaged by these sweeping cuts.


Accordingly, I seek urgent reassurance from you that you will remove the threat of compulsory redundancies, and reaffirm the University’s commitment to high-quality teaching and research.  For the good of students, staff, the region, and the sector, I hope you will seriously consider my request.


Yours sincerely,