Welcome to Lincoln University UCU


The Lincoln University branch of the UCU is thriving and active, we support members in all aspects of their work at Lincoln. If you are searching to join the branch, then either follow the links below or email the branch administrator, Andy Yeadon at

If you are wanting some support over a work related issue, please email Andy Yeadon at 

The branch hold monthly committee meetings and if you follow the links above you will see the dates of these. There are also 3 full branch meetings and the AGM held annually. dates and minutes of these meetings are also linked via the pages above. The next Branch Meeting is on Wednesday 10th February 2021 – on line through MS teams


We send out regular newsletters to members, past copies of these can be accessed from this site.

If anyone is interested in becoming a department rep and / or getting more involved in the union, then follow the links above to contact either the administrator or the membership secretary.

If you post a comment below, it will come through to the administrator or follow the links below for more information.

New to Lincoln?

New to the UCU?

If you are a Post Grad Student who teaches – you can join for free from this link   In addition, the branch has a position for Post Graduate Representative on the Committee – if you are interested in getting involved, please email the branch admin.

For further details and FAQ’s

This web site is designed to help you, branch officers and representatives, to build our union at branch level.

UCU is a democratic organisation reliant to a large degree on the large-scale participation of its volunteer members.

The union has put in place a series of new initiatives to help build our union:

  • a drive to recruit new members to offset the effects of the government’s cuts to post-secondary education.
  • a drive to recruit new local department or workplace representatives, to ensure that UCU branches are healthy at the most local possible level
  • a drive to ensure that our branches are equipped with the resources and skills necessary to ensure the maximum possible engagement in branch life from their members